Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Picnic dress... and a mustache?

Sweater:  Thrift store in Phoenix
Dress:  Thrift store in L.A.
Belt:  Thrift store in L.A.
Mustache:  Vending machine :)

I am attempting to build my own clothing rack out of plumber's pipes and plywood to hang clothes that I will be selling online in hopes to save some money.  Little did I know, pipes and wood are pretty pricey. Now instead of saving money, I'll be out some money (!)  Hopefully it will look amazing when I'm done with it.  I'll post a picture of the final product once I'm finished.

Today I'm wearing one of my favorite dresses with an equally liked sweater.  I love the back of the dress (though it doesn't look as good as it could look with those vicious tan lines I'm sporting), and my favorite part of the sweater is the "Arizona C.C." inscription it has on the upper left corner (I'm currently using Photobooth to take my daily photographs so the letters would have been backwards had I gotten a picture of it--hopefully I'll be getting a new camera soon!).  This outfit would be perfect for a picnic on the beach (sans mustache).  The mustache I found between the cushions of our couch this morning... 

Speaking of cameras, I apologize for the poor picture quality.  My current camera has been doing some really odd things lately so I've been using the computer instead.  I'm shopping for a much needed camera right now so the picture quality will improve as soon as I get my hands on one.

I can't wait for the 4th of July!  Is anyone doing anything special this weekend to celebrate?  

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another laundry mishap...

Sweater:  Urban Outfitters
Undershirt:  Thank You Mart
Skirt:  Thrift store in Savannah
Shoes:  Urban Outfitters
Earrings:  Stolen from my mom
Ring:  (coral rose)  Estate sale in New Mexico

Laundry day today... bluh!  I spent much of the day at the laundromat and I ended up ruining some of the clothes (I often have unsuccessful washings at the laundromat--I blame the machines).  Unfortunately for Colin, the clothes I did mess up were his.  I haven't exactly fit into my newly acquired housewife role very well.  

On a happier note, I have recently discovered how amazing Brigitte Bardot's BB 64 album is (this is my favorite song).  I have been playing it nonstop.  If you're into French pop, you should definitely check it out.  I absolutely love her!  

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pony Sweater

Sweater:  Thrift store in L.A.
Blouse:  Thrift store in San Diego
Jeans:  Thrift store in L.A.

I met my parents in San Juan Capistrano today to see the mission there.  The grounds were burgeoning with some really exotic looking plants, it was very pretty.  The actual mission was pretty stark, understandably so since there were very minimalist Catholic priests living there.

The most exciting part of today, though, was that I got my cute little dog back from her vacation with my parents...!  (I left her with them while I was in South Carolina)  She has been my dog since I was ten and she's absolutely infatuated with me (though she doesn't look it in the photograph--I think it's because I woke her from a nap).  

Today I wore one of my most beloved sweaters.  I love the two little pony appliques at the corners.  Don't they just make you want to smile?

Lookbook Round Two:


I forgot to post a picture of my traveling outfit I had worn on Saturday.  It's nothing special, really, but I promised to show you all, and that's exactly what I'll do:

Shirt:  Inherited from grandfather
Jeans:  Thrift store in Phoenix

It's not an especially flattering picture but I was a bit strapped for time that morning.  I hope everyone has a good day today!  I'll be posting again tonight.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Shirt:  Thrift store in Phoenix
Jeans:  Thrift store in Phoenix

I'm back in San Diego in my lovely four hundred square foot apartment with my hunk of a boyfriend, Colin.  The apartment is pretty much finished (I just moved here about a month ago), and I am very happy with the outcome.  It's absolutely adorable! I will try to put pictures up once it is completely finished (which should be soon).

I just ran some errands today, nothing truly interesting to write about. Colin did, however, lock us out of the apartment today and I managed to wiggle through a small window in the bathroom to get to the keys.  It was a small feat, but we were both pretty proud of ourselves when we realized we wouldn't have to call a locksmith.

Today I wore my "fajita" shirt, as Colin calls it (though they're actually flowers, not peppers).  The thing that I love most about it is that it has buttons running down the back that attach each panel of the shirt together.  It's oh so retro!

I am also including pictures of my older sister, though I'm doing it without her formal consent (I hope you're okay with this, Jess).  She found a couple makeup tutorials online (one offered by MAC and the other by a cute Aussie makeup artist:
and, respectively) and tried out the MAC makeup tips today.  She sent me pictures of the results earlier this morning.  I think it turned out pretty well...

Jess is photographed here with her two dogs, Onion (white) and Sydney (brown).

Friday, June 25, 2010

Underwater Photos, 2nd Edition

Goodbyes are hard.

Photo by Krista

Shirt:  Thrift store in New Mexico
Pants:  Thrift store in Phoenix
Purse:  Flea market in L.A.

Beach day Round... Five?  I think I'm done with being in the sun for a while.  My skin feels a bit damaged today, and I am terrified of premature signs of aging... it was fun while it lasted, though!  

Since I've been here, I've seen some crazy wildlife: five alligators, a couple cardinals, tons of bright green lizards, giant flocks of pelicans (they suicide dive in the ocean to catch fish), and some beautiful white ibises.  If only I could replace a couple hundred of the pigeons in San Diego with a few types of the birds I've seen here...

Tomorrow I leave Hilton Head to return back to California.  It will be a very long day of traveling, but I'm excited to see my boyfriend and my little boston terrier.  With that said, I probably won't be posting tomorrow.  I'll try to get a photograph taken of my traveling outfit, though, and I'll put it up on Sunday.

By-the-way, Krista has started a fashion blog.  You can find her looks at

First Lookbook Submission!

If you like my look, please press the "hype" button.  Thank you, lovely readers!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Beach Day

We beached it all day today again!  The waves were pretty decent sized so we got some boogie boarding in for the first time since I've been here.  I took a really giant wave in, but didn't look before I took it and accidently ran Krista over.  It was pretty funny now that I look back on it, but it freaked me out after it happened.  We took some more underwater pictures again today, so we'll get them developed tomorrow and I'll put them up after.  No immediate pictures to post right now, though.  Sorry readers!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Photos by Krista
Shirt:  Inherited from Grandfather
Shorts:  Flea market in L.A.
Purse:  Flea market in L.A.

Our trip to Charleston was a bit rushed today, so we didn't get to see a lot of the sights.  We ended up cutting our trip short because we were worried about leaving the dogs in the house all day.  I also think a mixture of the two-and-a-half hour drive to Charleston from Hilton Head, and the lack of sleep last night due to setting pin curls in my hair (which ended up being a disaster...  I ended up with a serious afro this morning), didn't really motivate us to make the most of the trip.  We did end up going to a couple good thrift stores and we briefly got to visit downtown Charleston.  From what I could tell, Charleston seemed very similar to Savannah; both have the same adorable colonial houses surrounding the area, narrow streets lined with tiny storefronts, and horse-drawn carriages on which people could get tours of the city.  The South is such a romantic area!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pattern Mixing

Shirt:  Just bought at a thrift store in Hilton Head!
Skirt:  Ditto!
Purse:  Ditto!
Belt:  The FIDM Scholarship Store (borrowed from Krista)
Shoes:  Target

Today was Beaufort, and practically all the stores we had planned to go to were closed!  Guess I should have checked to see if they were open beforehand (who would've thought they'd be closed on a Tuesday afternoon??).  We did, however, run into some good thrift stores in the area anyway.  Tomorrow we are going to Charleston, which Krista assures me will be one of my new favorite places to visit.

I decided to try mixing up patterns today with my outfit and I think it turned out pretty well.  The black seems to tie all of the pieces in, and the various patterns definitely make the outfit more interesting.  

By-the-way, that dinner Krista and I made (the pulled chicken sandwiches and potato salad) was delicious!  The potato salad could have used a little less raw onion (my stomach has acquired a strong dislike for many things, including once-beloved onions), but besides that everything tasted perfect.  Here's the final product:

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Thrifting

Photos by Krista
Romper:  Thrift store in L.A.

Thrift stores today!  Hilton Head has had the best finds so far.  I'll be posting pictures of the goods I bought sometime this week.  Tomorrow we're going to Beaufort to see what it has to offer.  Goodnight, ya'll, as they say in the South.  :)

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