Saturday, December 31, 2011

Meet Me on Virginia Street

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Turns out physician assistant school is more work than I thought it'd be so I'm afraid blog posts will be few and far between for at least the next year :(  I'm resolving to better balance academics with me stuff, though, so hopefully that will translate to more than one blog post per several months (!)  

Guess what?  Colin proposed! So I'm engaged! Yahoo! Pictures of the ring to come in a post that I'll put together following this one...

In the meantime, I wanted to show you photographs of my older sister's vintage ranch house that she shares with her cool-as-a-cucumber firefighter husband, Kevin, their two dogs, Sydney and Onion, their cat, Zuma, and their four chickens, Tippy, Lucille, Frankie, and Maude.

Kevin putting the eggs from this morning's harvest into the fridge...  


Mala sends her love... does Mabes.

Onion's sun patch.

Santa sits atop a super cool record player.

Guest bathroom

I'm lovin' this linoleum flooring in the bathroom.

Guest bedroom

Mala's busy watching the chickens.

Thrifted chair, lamp, and suitcases.

An uncanny resemblance to a little pup I know...

Master bedroom

Master bath

One-eyed Grandma Beels in her grandma sweater.

Vintage freezer-turned-bar.

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