Friday, June 10, 2011


Cutest Girl in The World.  (!)  --That's been Mabie's nickname lately.  She's surprised us with a new trick recently: the high-five.  Turns out she's had this trick up her sleeve the whole time.  And she busts it out at the most opportune moments, which is often when she wants up on the couch.  She'll look at me pleadingly, offer her paw for a high-five, and wait.  When I'm too absorbed on the Internet, she'll strategically high-five the power cord out of my computer so that I'll have to acknowledge her pleas.  She may look thick, but don't let her act fool you; she's one smart girl.

I have a confession to make: I may have quite purposefully started today's post with an irresistible photograph of Mabes hammin' it up and a description of her too-cute ways as a means to make you forget how terribly inconsistent my posts have become.  Did it work?  Anywho, I do apologize for the sporadic nature of my blogging.  I'm in a very good place right now, though, which may be why I've turned to the computer less often for solace.  But I love blogging nonetheless so don't go thinking that I'll be leaving for good anytime soon...  You're stuck with me for a while :)

And look what else I've got for you: an outfit post!!  ...Am I forgiven yet?

Over-shirt: J. Crew (Colin's)
"Men Should Come with Directions" T shirt: The Betties
Riding pants: American Apparel
'There's No Place Like Home' shoes: flea market
'Look Here!' necklace: thrifted

You may recognize this T shirt from the shop.  I try not to wear shop items because I tend to get supremely attached once I make an outfit out of them, but this shirt's been sitting alone for too long and I thought it could use some air.  

I just may have to keep it for myself, though... (!)  It goes much too well with my arrow necklace.  And I very well can't separate them now, can I?

A week--or two?--ago I went to the library with a friend from work while on our lunch break, and ended up leaving with a slew of delectable books.  Among the books I managed to snatch up for a whopping nickel a piece was an old copy of The Wizard of Oz, complete with some incredible pen and ink drawings inside.  The first couple of pages have seen better days (it seems one of its previous readers had it out for "O"s and decided to scratch out every "O" on the first three pages of the book) and a single page in the center of the book has been ripped out.  Apart from that it's in great shape.  I also left with a book about medieval romances (right, in photograph) and a book that provides synopses and ratings for nearly every early mystery/spy/suspense film--from the 1920s to the late 1980s (left).  

The pile of books I've accumulated on my side of the bed seems to be growing by the week...

Lastly, to be fair, some cute photos of Beels, who's been getting the shaft since Mabes' arrival.

And Mabes... again...  Because she's The Cutest Girl in The World.
Sorry, Z.

Oh yes, one more thing.  I was downloading some videos off of my Flip when I came across this funny one when my sister and her husband had visited us for a weekend a few weeks ago.  We'd all had at least one drink at this point so we were pretty entertained by each other.  Colin spent much of the night speaking with a Boston accent so all you Bostonians out there, please forgive his sorry excuse for an accent.  

I <3 my family. 

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