Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Pictures from Halloween... can you guess who we are?  MabieGirl went as a toasted marshmallow.

We had a total of two sets of trick-or-treaters this year... that's two more than last year so we're making progress! 

Our Halloween evening consisted of dressing up, heading down the street to the local hamburger/beer joint where we were served by two waitresses wearing much better versions of our costumes, and then walking back to our apartment where we cozied up and watched a movie in bed.  Not entirely eventful, but my kind of evening nonetheless.

Colin and I are enjoying life together in our cozy apartment!!  We've gotten in the habit of baking fresh bread every few days so the place constantly smells of baked goods and cinnamon (courtesy of those ever-potent Trader Joe's potpourri brooms).  It's finally a home.  Our home.  And I couldn't be happier. 

**"Punkin" is the funny way my dad says "pumpkin;" it's my favorite

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